2012-04-15 Interview Blue Cat

Interview de Blue Cat. Dimanche 15 April 20:00 (GMT+1) On Darkoïd Web Radio Canal 1. Inteview (french) by Cindy , Kooalia and friend.. Info Bioraphie en Français ici

Blue Cat is a performance-orientated project mixing new-wave and electro sounds, on a performance background inspired by Buto, Cabaret and expressionism.

Biographie Blue Cat has also been a laboratory for collaborations with all kinds of artists: musicians, graphic artists, vjs, performers or djs. As a result the stucture of the band has evolved a lot since its creation. It is currently composed of a bass player (Seb), a guitarist (Le Pnum), and a singer (Flow), performing on progs.

Description The concept of Blue Cat came about in 2004 with Flow who, after singing in goth and industrial bands and organizing performances in various fetisch parties in Paris, thought it would be soooo cool to create a performance band, allying dancefloor electro-industrial sounds and a strong decadent transgender/creature image. Blue cat is a mutant band as its presents its own approach to electro-rock music. Its influences could be defined as David Bowie or Bauhaus for the voice, and Die Form or Front Line Assembly for the music, but as a whole it has been influenced by a wide variety of alternative musics, from techno to electro-clash, metal or punk-rock. It is also mutant as it can vary from a full “classic” band line-up to a solo singer-on-progs one, and also has live mixed parts. Shows generally last about 45 mn and are entirely mixed. The wide spanned influences of the band came in great part from the participation of its members who, coming from different horizons, gave each time their own vision of the project, using the sensuous, performance-orientated spirit of Blue Cat as a frame. Blue cat strongly supports all kinds of alternative thinking and ways of life, and is very involved in the lesbian, trans and queer scene, as well as the fetisch or electro scenes – this list being non-exhaustive. Blue Cat, on its part, enjoys sharing its dreams and visions of the world – and takes pleasure in surprising its audience.   Blue Cat has played, among other places, at:– Bitche (Nantes, Fr) – Caves Saint Sabin (Paris, Fr) – Cornucopia (Belfast, N.Ireland) – Gravotel (Pays de Loire, Fr) – La Cantada (Paris, Fr) – La Flèche d’Or (Paris, Fr) – La Locomotive (Paris, Fr) – L.A.M (Marseille,Fr) – Le Panam Soul (Paris, Fr) – Les Souffleurs (Paris, Fr) – Le XIIIème siècle (Lausanne, Ch)